Because We Sing, Dance, Make Art, Build, Write.

It is the way of creatures to be busy doing what creatures do

It is the way of creatures to be busy doing what creatures do.

Single Cell creatures modulate and pulse,

As they are subjected to the currents of gasses and liquids that contain them

   Tardigrades perform slow moving acrobatics,                                                         

As they feed, breed exist in their ever-resilient skins

In extreme temperatures of hot, cold, full oxygen or no oxygen

Ants and Bee’s work gather and build,

They make patterns of their paths,

Trailing their chemicals to communicate

They Hum while they work.

Birds Sing, call,

They find their mates through a Dance,

Or with a well-built decorated nest.

Then spend their lives in tandem.

Humans sing, dance, make art, build, write.

We leave our trails in concrete, or in sound.

We believe our patterns make our history.

It is the way of creatures,

It is how we keep busy,

It is how we

Keep tethered to each other.

And we reach to other species

Cross each other’s paths for good or ill,

It is what creatures of Earth Do,

And Earth

As it is surrounded by air and clouds

That move and dance as the Earth spins

And defines its seasons as it rotates

And circles the Sun,

As the Sun

Pulling its orbiting and dancing neighbors

With the force of its gravity





Because We Sing, Dance, Build, Make Art and Write.