Falling Pine Cone

“Grandfather, tell me a story; I want to hear the first story you heard.”

The Grandson tugged at his grandfather’s shirt sleeve.
“Grandfather, tell me a story; I want to hear the first story you heard.”
The Grandfather sat down next to his grandson and said listen well.
My Grandfather shared this with me, so I will share it with you.
The grandson smiled as he sat back in his chair.
“It was the early days when creatures were teaching us to be human.
High above the forest, just a forest of so many forests,
a Raven was gliding, seeing and taking in the hills and so many trees, and on those trees, so many branches and, as it was spring, so many pine cones.
The Raven began to glide to one of those branches, and a pine cone dropped as he landed.
The Raven watched the Pine cone bounce off other branches as it made its way to the ground.
There were other cones that also let go after being hit.
They landed on the ground and joined the other pine cones that surrounded the Pine tree amongst the fallen and now red needles and dirt and roots.
The Raven tilted its head,
Curious that pine cones fall
and thought,
They are like stories; they let go of where they were and take their stories with them to where they are now.
The Raven took off in flight again, soaring above the forest. Just another forest of so many, with so many branches and so many pine cones.
Above those forests, there were more Ravens flying from branch to branch and cones letting go of where they were and taking their stories with them to where they are now.
And the Forest floor was covered with red needles and pine cones”.
The Grandfather and Grandson sat in silence while a Raven flew by the window, then landed on a pine tree in the yard.

Author: transittransientsandother

I have been driving for Metro for about two and a half years now, Love this job. Driving has always been fun for me, and adding on the parade of people on a daily basis in a large beautiful city like Seattle, is the extra foam on my macchiato, Thanks for dropping by…. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do writing them

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